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Editing your work for a solid English Text

Have the editing done for you

Written communication can be a real challenge if you are not confident in your grammatical skills in a language. It is through written communication that people often make their first and lasting impression of you. The recipients of your written work have the time to scrutinize your ability to express yourself, review your ideas, and examine your level of academic performance in a language.

Do you want to have just a couple of pages reviewed or an entire lengthy document? Do you want to improve both your speech and written correspondence? Both services are available through AETC. We offer both a proof-reading service to finalize your written documents for submission and tutoring courses in editing your written documents. Either option is possible. Prices for proof-reading and/or editing are based on an hourly rate, depending on the time needed to provide the service required. Please contact AETC and forward your work for an estimate.

Learn how to improve your writing

If you want to learn how to fix the grammatical errors in your writing, AETC can help! You will be required to submit your written documents in Microsoft Word. Documents will be edited with comments, suggestions and/or corrections and returned to you for review and revision. Whereas proof-reading is correcting the errors for you, editing refers to providing suggestions for improving your work based on sentence structure and fluency, tone, organization, word-choice, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. You are expected to make the final corrections in your work. You will have the opportunity to submit your work as many times as you would like until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Courses consist of meeting in person or on-line to discuss the comments, clarify any remarks in question, and discuss suggestions for revisions. Once one written project is completed another will begin.

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