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Improve your conversational English

Personalized advanced English lessons

These lessons consist of oral instruction taught directly in the target language. We do not translate into the learner’s native language. An oral assessment will be given to determine the learner’s language level and grammatical skills. Topics will focus on a survey of questions related to a learner’s interests and needs, work-related or personal, and daily-related activities. Grammar instruction will directly correspond to the learner’s language level. Learners may opt to focus more attention on one specific need, if desired. The more proficient a language learner becomes in the English language, the more important it is to personalize the lessons to the learner’s skill level. Hence, most lessons are one-on-one for advanced students.

Group of People talking - Improve your Conversational English

Conversational English lessons for the unexperienced

Beginning students do not need to worry about not having a basic understanding of English. Theorists in the study of language acquisition believe that language should be learned just like a child learns a language. There is no translation to a learner’s native language required. Learning is tactile (use of objects or pictures of objects) and task-based (learning to follow instructions). From the beginning, the learner hears complete sentences and is immediately given an opportunity to practice proper pronunciation after shown a picture of an object or given a simple task. While imagery is often used in all stages of language development to create concrete understanding, language communication is built on the basic principles of understanding and performance. Intermediate and advanced language learners are given more difficult tasks to enhance the levels of learning.

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