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Improve your Academic or Business English

Personalized academic lessons

There is a big difference between being able to greet a friend or ask about the weather and being able to communicate in an office or school setting. Academic and business English go beyond conversational English into the areas of business and school content you need to perform successfully. An intermediate level of English proficiency is required to begin this course.

When speaking in English, do you often get confused with which words to use at the appropriate time, which verb tense to use, how to pronounce particular words, or how to use idiomatic expressions properly? These courses are personalized to the learner’s academic or business needs. There will be an equal concentration in speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Learners will study verb tenses that correspond to past, present, and future using simple, perfect and progressive forms. Students will be expected to speak the majority of the course times and will be given corrective feedback. Questions will be asked to challenge the learner’s ability to speak using various verb tenses, a mixture of sentence structures with appropriate clauses or phrases, and proper use of idiomatic expressions according to American English.

Businessman talking - Improve your English academic or business skills

If you want a course that goes far beyond the beginning levels of business and fundamental vocabulary, then it is well-worth your time to check out AETC. Fluency requires the mastery of reading and writing in addition to speaking and listening. Other courses are organized to teach non-business workers the basics of how to work in an office. AETC teaches language fluency so employees master all aspects of the English language.

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