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American English Tutoring Center offers a variety of language services suited specifically to an individual’s needs. Whereas many language courses focus primarily on speech, AETC maintains the belief that fluency requires skills in speech, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Lessons will culminate in the learner improving in all four areas of language development. For those learners who wish to focus more attention on writing, rather than speaking, the lessons are both in person and online. Learners who are at the beginning level in their studies in English have the option of group lessons with others at the same level or private lessons.

One-on-One Lessons: These lessons consist of oral instruction taught directly in the target language. An oral assessment will be given to determine the learner’s language level and grammatical skills. Topics will focus on a survey of questions related to a learner’s interests and needs, work-related or personal, and daily-related activities. Grammar instruction will directly relate to the learner’s language level. Learners may opt to focus more attention on one specific need, if desired. The more proficient a language learner becomes in the English language, the more important it is to personalize the lessons to the learner’s skill level. Hence, most lessons are one-on-one.

Group Instruction: Currently, group courses are scheduled as the needs and opportunities arise. If your company is interested in scheduling group classes, the courses can be brought to you at your company’s office. We will bring the classroom to you in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Leiden.

On-line Course Instruction: Courses are provided through a variety of venues, depending on the scope and needs of the learner(s). Students in on-line courses must have internet services and computer capabilities with cameras, speakers, and microphones. Learners will regularly submit written texts in Microsoft Word documents for review to be edited and returned for further revision. On-line courses can be conducted one-on-one or in groups of similar levels of language learning, when appropriate.

How can we help you?

Businessman talking - Improve your English academic or business skills

Academic or Business English

Are you working in a professional environment and need to improve your English to get the next pay raise? Do you have a child who isn’t keeping up in an English-speaking school due to not knowing enough English beyond daily conversations?
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Group of People talking - Improve your Conversational English

Conversational English

Do you wish to communicate in English, be able to order food at a restaurant and be able to share ideas with friends? Are you uncomfortable with speaking in public or just need to know more English to make yourself understood?
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English Editing and Proofreading


Are you writing papers, documents, or letters that need proof-read or edited before they can be completed or submitted? Do you need a proof-reading service or wish to learn how to correct the errors in your writing?
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