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Kent Meyer is a native-English speaker and English Teacher from the United States. He has a Master’s of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from University of Missouri-Kansas City and two Bachelors’ degrees in both English and Education from Emporia State University, The Teacher’s College. He holds a current teaching certificate in English in the United States in the state of Kansas. Additionally, he has seven years of teaching experience at the secondary level, grades 8 through 12, working in both special needs classes for lower-level learners and advanced English and college preparation classes in literature and writing. He led a successful business career for seventeen years as a business owner managing real estate contracts. He is the owner and CEO of American English Tutoring Center based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Kent Meyer
Kent Meyer

Diplomas and certificates

University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2015, Master of Arts degree in TESOL - American English Tutoring Center
University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2015, Master of Arts degree in TESOL
Teaching license State of Kansas - American English Tutoring Center
Teaching license State of Kansas
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at UMKC 2015 - American English Tutoring Center
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at UMKC


Kent Meyer has an incredible gift for teaching!! He is consistent, patient, supportive and detailed. He really knows how to build the confidence of his students and keeps track of students’ development. The lessons are kept on point and fun, and his methods are easy to remember. He helped me improve my speaking, pronunciation, reading and listening skills. In April I didn’t know the differences of “loose” and “lose”, “advice” and “advise”. In August I had 190 points for C1 English advance certificate. All because his fierce and endless supportive empowerment. I really recommend Kent Meyer for your English studying, for exam preparation or daily basis improvement to enhance your career.

Rosey Valentine

Rosey Valentine

“When I began, I was feeling comfortable in English but I knew I could improve my level of English. I took classes twice a week for six months. My confidence in speaking English has improved. My vocabulary and the use of English grammar has improved, as well. Kent is really a great teacher. He listens to his students and adapts his teaching to the student’s needs. I have had a lot of intense and passionate exchanges with Kent, and I highly and strongly recommend him to others wanting to learn English.”

Brice Faravel
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